Project Launch: 3/30/17

Ndiveni Primary School is home to 250 students. The school lacks access to running water and its kitchen facilities are not developed, forcing students to cook their lunches over open flame on the grounds in the common area. This creates an elevated risk of communicable disease and the contamination of food and water. In addition, the faculty restroom is near collapse, creating further strain on the remaining available hygiene and sanitation facilities. This project calls for the development of a water supply system, enclosing the school's kitchen facilities, and the renovation of the damaged faculty restroom. This will allow the school to reduce its vulnerability to infectious diseases.

Project Update: 8/15/17

The teacher's restroom has been completed. All ten teachers at the school now have access to a sanitary, safe restroom with a completed cesspit. The old, crumbling restroom is no longer in use. The new kitchen has been completed and the improved cookstoves are currently under construction, to be completed next week. The 251 students at the school will be able to use a safe, sanitary kitchen space located on the immediate school grounds. The base of the water tank is completed and the water tank will be hooked up to a water line in the coming days. This will serve the 261 individuals -- students and teachers -- who attend the school on a daily basis by providing regular access to water. It will no longer be necessary for troops of students to regularly gather water from the village irrigation canals.


“At Shule Ndiveni we have 250 students and 10 teachers. We had some problems before. The teacher restroom wasn't safe. We didn't have water at the school. We didn't have a kitchen. Now we are so thankful to [the Peace Corps Volunteer] and World-Connect. With their help, we are building up our school with a water tank, teachers' restroom, and kitchen. This will make a better life for the students and teachers and help us develop the school and the community. We are proud of the work we are doing here make development for the village.”
Maryl, Project Participant

“This is a great project. We are moving quickly in order to finish it. [The Volunteer] is here. The teachers are here. The community is here. We are coming together to turn our dreams into reality. We are going forward together to improve the children's lives. The buildings look good, really good, and when people walk by they see the work we do. Everything is really nice.”
Amilien, Project Participant

“I am very happy to use my lorries to help with this project. We have transported stones, sand, the water tank, and other things. I believe education and schools are important to our community and it is important for us to help them improve, so it is an honor to participate with the community to build these things. ”
Luca, Project Participant

“I like the new things for our school. Now I have to carry water [in a bucket] to the school and then I am tired. It is better to have water near class. I will be very happy when it is finished. It's a big water tank. We will have very much water. ”
Stephano, Project Participant

Project Investment:

Year: 2017 Country: Tanzania

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