Project Launch: 6/21/18

Mpalale Community Day Secondary School has an intake of 238 students and the school campus comprises two classroom blocks and a staff room block. The school, however, does not have a laboratory and students only learn the practical aspect of science subjects in a nearby church and only when it is vacant. The laboratory would provide a conducive learning environment for the students. This would benefit not only the students but also teachers and the entire community.


Project Update: 9/17/18

The project is currently on track. The foundation of the building was constructed as were the walls, window frames, and door frames. Construction of the pillars on the veranda of the laboratory was also completed. Current work involves preparing the roofing, plastering, and flooring for the laboratory.


“Even though I am quite new in the community, I did not expect this kind of development to actually be done. In the beginning, I was a little bit skeptical but now I am very excited. I, as a teacher, cannot wait to be able to use this new building. Thank you Dingaan and World Connect. ”
Ronald, Project Participant

“Dingaan has been one of my close friends here since he came because we arrived around the same time. When he told me that he had finally gotten funding from World Connect I was very happy for him but I did not think the community could manage to come up with 25%. I was very surprised when he told me they had done it and that the project would happen. It's happening now. Thanks to World Connect and Dingaan himself for both showing their dedication to development. These are the type of things we need in Malawi. People willing to sacrifice their time for the help of others. Of people they did not even know. This was Dingaan's first time in his life coming to this place and look at the things he has done. Malawi has a bright future. ”
Izron, Project Participant

Project Investment:

Year: 2018 Country: Malawi

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