Project Launch: 6/21/18

Dzaleka is a multicultural community where people fled from their home countries. Most of refugees and asylum seekers come from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, Rwanda, Somalia, and Ethiopia. In Malawi, the law does not allow refugees to apply for a job. Even though some refugees and asylum seekers run small businesses or farm, most of the community members rely on the humanitarian assistance provided by the UNHCR. This project aims to empower ten single-mothers and ten orphans to become more self-reliant through sewing activities.

Project Update:

Since the project started three months ago, 18 participants (12 single mothers and 6 orphans) out of the original projected 20 are actively participating and committed to the training course. Before procuring sewing materials, members of We Can Make It Again, World Connect’s grassroots organization partner on this project, rehabilitated the room that is used as a training hall to enhance security of the materials and equipment. The organization has procured 11 sewing machines, 10 flat irons, 4 tables, 20 tape measures, 20 chisels, 5 rolls of cloth, 10 boxes of string, 10 boxes of needles, 3 packages of flip charts and 1 box of pencils. Seven participating students have already received some income from the sale of the materials that they produced during the trainings. After graduating from this course, participants will be starting their own enterprises, where they can generate income and support their families.

Project Investment:

Year: 2018 Country: Malawi

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