Project Launch: 3/3/17

The health hut in Temey Lewa World Connect previously supported was severely damaged by a storm system that affected the region in fall 2016. The roof of the structure has collapsed, the exterior wall has been racked by winds and water, and the hut is now non-operational. This project seeks to make repairs to the health hut so it can once again serve the people of Temey Lewa.

Project Update: 3/16/17

The mason made the bricks and the carpenter built the doors, completing them within four days. Currently, the mason has begun work on installing the bricks to repair the wall. During construction, the health hut has not been open for business, but it will reopen immediately after completion.


“My main job currently is keeping track of the spending/budget through an excel file. The project leader decides when and how much of the money should be spent at any given time and, so far, she has been fully on top of things, always being mindful of our budget.”
Ashley, Peace Corps Volunteer

“The project is moving along well. All of the materials have been bought and the carpenter is done with the doors already. He moved very quickly. Now we just need to pay the mason and he has to do his work.”
Aissatou, Project Leader

“This is a good project that is happening. The health hut is very important to the community. I have gone in to help with the work for the bricks. This is a project for everyone.”
Alin, Project Participant

“This is a good project. In the mornings, I go to drink tea with the workers. The project is moving forward quickly.”
Amadou, Project Participant

“I am very excited for this project to be finished. The health hut is very important in keeping the health of our children. It is important for the building to be safe. The workers are working very hard and it is good.”
Abdulaye, Project Participant

Project Investment:

Year: 2017 Country: Senegal

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