The Power Girls Project

Year: 2018
Country: Malawi
Project Investment: $756.60
Project Status: Funded
Sector: Education

Project Launch: 7-9-18

Rural girls who are menstruating face stigma and bullying. These social forces are so powerful that many girls are absent from school during their periods. Some even eventually abandon their studies as they complete puberty. This results in the loss of millions of dollars in economic value and shattered dreams for girls.

This project will train girls about how to manage their cycles, making use of locally made pads while they are on their periods. Through this intervention, more girls will remain in school and expand their future intellectual, social, and economic horizons. 

Project Update: 11-7-18

Changing approach, the project has decided to train pad-making multipliers to better reach local women. 15 mother group members and 15 girls from 3 schools including Chipasula Secondary School, St John's Primary School, and M'buka Primary School were trained in the essentials of pad-making which they will then repeat with community members. The training was facilitated over 2 days to ensure that the trainers understand the pad-making process.

Final Report:

At the end of the project, 33 people (16 girls, 15 mother group members, 2 teachers) were directly impacted through reusable sanitary pad training, in the process gaining skills to produce reusable pads on their own. The mother group members used knowledge gained to train 80 additional girls. The project has attracted interest from other schools in the area, which noticed how within a short period of time the project has reduced absenteeism among girls aged 10-18 by 20%. The local partner organization on this project, Movement for Boys and Girls, plans on establishing a reusable sanitary pad enterprise to support more girls with skills in pad production and hygiene management. It is hoped that expansion of this project will increase impact on the girls in Lilongwe and beyond.

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