Advancing Girl Power with Wind Power

Year: 2012
Country: Kenya

The Bishop Abiero Girls’ Secondary School is located in a rural area of Kenya where there is no running water and limited electricity provided by small bank of solar panels. The school population is experiencing rapid growth, which is taxing its facilities. Currently, the Kenya Power and Light Company (KPL) provides electrical service to the nearby village of Magwar, approximately 3 kilometers from the school, but there are no plans by KPL to extend service to the school. Located near Lake Victoria, the school is a good candidate for wind power to provide electricity.

This project will connect the school, their local Peace Corps Volunteer and AccessEnergy, a local non-profit based in Kisimu, about 30 kilometers from the school, which has extensive experience installing wind turbines in the region. The new wind turbine will provide reliable electricity at the school so the girls can study at night and utilize their computer laboratory, and it will generate a surplus of energy that can be sold to surrounding homes and businesses to cover many of the girls’ education fees, which are often too big of a burden for families in the area. The turbine will also allow the school to pump water from a nearby borehole to the various school buildings, cutting down on the girls’ daily task of collecting and transporting water. Finally, the project will incorporate engineering and business education classes for the girls to understand the benefit of wind technology for their school, community and the environment.