Groton School Bakesale Fundraiser

At my very first Kids to Kids meeting in Fall 2009, I started talking to a girl in the grade above me, Kate, who had never been to a Kids to Kids meeting either. Somehow we started talking about our shared love of baking and we decided to start a bake club at school. But by the end of the Kids to Kids meeting, our idea had morphed into a bake sale fundraiser for Kids to Kids, We arranged our first bake sale shortly thereafter. It went so well – we raised $500 – that we decided to do it again in the Fall of 2010, this time raising $501.89.


Our plan was simple. First, we sent emails to the entire school a week before the bake sale to gauge interest and get more people to help with the baking. Kids signed up with their friends and many asked faculty members if they could borrow their kitchens for a couple hours, as Groton is a boarding school. We bought all of the ingredients needed for the various groups to bake, divided the ingredients into plastic bags and left them for people to pick up whenever they were ready to start baking. The day before the bake sale, we spent the entire day baking at Kate’s house. In addition, there were five other groups of kids baking in total, making cakes, cookies, fudge, penuche, caramel apples, and much more! - Lizzie

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